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Lemoyne- April 2002

1872 Beers Atlas of Cumberland County showing Bridgeport section of Wormleysburg. A somewhat awkward connection with the Northern Central RR is made at the junction of the two PRR controlled railroads. No evidence of a tower is shown, however a hotel maintained by R H Hummel is located in this smoky locale.

In 2002, this is the Lemo tower area. One can speculate that the bent catenary tower somehow was connected with a derailment.

Walking down the long-gone connection to southbound Northern Central RR, one passes this bridge abutment which some say was the never completed Vanderbilt's South Pennsylvania bridge of the Susquehanna.

View near Reading's Susquehanna bridge. Western Maryland Railway trains shared this route into Rutherford yard on the Alphabet Route.

Looking upstream to the CVRR bridge.

Below is the Northern Central route to Baltimore. The I83 South Bridge is downstream.

Later on that evening, freight is headed south on what I believe is referred to as the "Port Road".


NS waits to enter the Harrisburg termninal area that same late evening.


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